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Warden Training

Duration - Approximately 1 ½ Hours

  • An overview of the legislative requirements including the current Fire and Emergency NZ regulations.

  • An overview of the Fire Evacuation Scheme and its site specific procedures.

  • Detailed warden's duties and instructions to be followed upon hearing an alarm, or upon discovery of a fire or other emergency.

  • Overview of Building Wardens duties, Fire Wardens duties and Expectations of General Staff.

  • Brief on the safe use of first aid fire fighting equipment, i.e. extinguishers and fire hose reels.

  • An explanation of the various Fire Safety features contained in the building i.e. Fire Hose Reels; Extinguishers; Smoke Detectors; Smoke Stop Doors; Emergency Lighting; Sprinklers; Fire Alarm Call Points; Magnetic Hold open devices; analogue addressable systems, etc.

  • A visit to the Alarm Panel and Assembly Point(s).

  • An explanation of the use of Building Warden's and Fire Warden's equipment, ie, identification, tally board, disabilities equipment, loud hailers, etc.

  • Supplementary to this & time permitting, we will also provide a Fire Safety Video.

Prices for Warden Training differ for each site dependent on the size and use. Price on application only. Please contact us for a quote.

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