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Trial Evacuations

Trial Evacuations should be conducted in a manner that affects the best possible training for building occupants, but with the least amount of disruption to business possible.

Trial Evacuations include:

  • A reminder six weeks prior to the building's evacuation due date, confirming authority to go ahead and acquiring any relevant information regarding changes to the building.

  • Liaison with the relevant on-site contacts to arrange the most appropriate time and date for the trial (if/where necessary).

  • Filing appropriate notification with the NZ Fire Service in accordance with legislation.

  • Attendance on site to prepare the building and its systems for activation.

  • Assessment of the site, taking into consideration any extraordinary circumstances, changes in the building or its tenancies.

  • Making contact with the relevant Emergency Services Communications Sections prior to evacuation.

  • Activation of the fire alarm and commencement of the trial evacuation

  • Observation of and review of the evacuation process. This includes timing the trial and noting procedural confidence in accordance with the protocols established in the NZFS Approved Evacuation Scheme.

  • Returning systems to normal polling status at the completion of the evacuation.

  • Conducting a Warden's post evacuation debrief and procedural review, making adjustments as necessary to ensure efficiency.


Prices for Trial Evacuations differ for each site dependent on the size and use. Price on application only. Please contact us for a quote.

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