Fire Evacuation Schemes

If you require an evacuation scheme or procedure, the following are steps that can be implemented by FSE Ltd to ensure your compliance with relevant legislation:

  • Designing a Site Specific Fire Evacuation Scheme and Application to reflect the Fire Safety and Evacuation of Buildings Regulations 2006 and the Fire Service Act Section 21A - I.

  • Implementation of the Evacuation Scheme.

  • Design and installation of Fire Action Notices, as required.

  • Supplying Wardens with the necessary equipment, ie, vests, caps, tally boards, etc (as required). Please note that equipment is sold as part of a Evacuation Scheme - not indivdually.

  • Conducting a Pre-inspection review of the building prior to the NZ Fire Service Survey Inspection.

  • Liaison with the NZ Fire Service on your behalf, regarding any issues or recommendations resulting from the survey inspection (if necessary or possible).

  • Put in place a maintenance program to ensure continued compliance.

  • Ensure the relevant documentation is supplied to clients and the NZ Fire Service as required by legislation and for ACC & OSH Auditing Purposes.

Prices for Evacuation Schemes and Procedures differ for each building. Price on application. Please contact us for a quote.

The real reason for having an evacuation scheme -
If you find a fire, or hear the fire alarm, do you know exactly what to do? What about the others in your building?